OX.FUN: Injecting Fun and Innovation into Crypto Derivatives Trading

In a crypto market yearning for excitement and innovation, OX.FUN emerges as a beacon of hope, offering traders a gamified experience like never before. Launched in January 2024, this derivatives trading platform has quickly captured attention with its unique approach to incentivizing and rewarding traders. Now, with a recent $4 million funding round under its belt, OX.FUN is poised to revolutionize crypto trading.

Innovative Dual-Token System

At the core of OX.FUN’s appeal is its dual-token system, featuring OX Coin ($OX) and MILK token. $OX serves as the platform’s primary collateral and reward currency, offering traders hefty rewards for completing daily missions at an impressive 50% APY. Additionally, traders receive $OX simply for staking their tokens on the platform. However, what sets OX.FUN apart is its treatment of losing trades – traders are rewarded with MILK tokens, challenging the zero-sum mentality prevalent in traditional trading.

Rapid Growth and Liquidity

Since its inception, OX.FUN has seen substantial growth, boasting over 45 trading pairs with up to 10x leverage. The platform has amassed 1.5 billion in $OX deposits and facilitated 20 billion $OX in trading volume, indicating robust liquidity and trader interest.

Pioneering Copy Trading Vaults

In a bold move, OX.FUN introduces copy trading vaults, allowing users to emulate the trades of top-performing traders effortlessly. By staking a “vault,” users can earn directly from the vault’s profits and losses, offering both seasoned traders and newcomers an opportunity to diversify and profit from successful strategies.

Million Dollar Vault Battle

Adding a playful twist, OX.FUN launches its copy trading vaults with the inaugural “Vault Battle.” The showdown pits industry titans Su Zhu and Kyle Davies against each other, with a staggering $1 million $OX prize pool up for grabs. Traders can stake on their preferred “Master Trader” vault, competing for rewards and a share of the seven-figure bounty.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Rewarding Crypto

As OX.FUN continues to innovate, it introduces “Prison Locking” – a passive income product that rewards stakers with a portion of the platform’s collected fees. Moreover, plans for multi-asset support and conversions are underway, further enhancing accessibility for traders.

In a crypto landscape yearning for revitalization, OX.FUN emerges as a trailblazer, infusing excitement, rewards, and innovation into derivatives trading. With its gamified approach and forward-thinking products, OX.FUN has the potential to usher in a new era of rewarding crypto trading experiences.

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